Who We Are?

Tara is the goddess of protection.  The name translates literally to “star”, linking her to navigation and travel.  Like their namesake, Tara Specialists is a beacon of hope providing aid to those in need, strategy to those who find themselves lost, and time to those with too few hours in a day.  They help those who need it find a stress-free way of life.

Tara’s team has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in many different domains such as:

  • Long Term Care
  • Recruitment and retention of employees
  • Business Efficiency
  • Housing Solutions
  • Associations

With their expertise, genuineness, and passion, the employees at Tara Specialists offer a beacon of light to those who are burning out.


‘’You can’t work ON the business because you are too absorbed IN the business’’


Who are our clients?

  • Long Term Care Facilities
  • Affordable Housing Providers
  • NB Employers Facing Recruitment & Retention Problems
  • Business Organizations, Provincial Associations & Municipalities

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